Let The Spirit of Hellenism Inspire Your Battle Against Corona.

Xρόνια Πολλά!

Today Greeks around the world are celebrating! My birthright has come alive with the commemorating of the start of the War of Greek Independence in 1821. This historical event coincides with the Greek Orthodox celebration of the Annunciation to the Theotokos, when the Archangel Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her that she would bear the son of God. Indeed, a double blessing.

The war encompassed an 11 year struggle, which included the Turks attempting three times to invade the Peloponnese in Greece, but were unable to retrieve the area, resulting in the establishment of an independent kingdom of Greece-and the rebellion of Greeks within the Ottoman Empire. A battle fought so hard, and with the courageous, valiant spirit of heroes, that they influenced Winston Churchill to say…

Greeks don’t fight like Heroes, Heroes fight like Greeks!

The Greeks…Truth Be Told!

As we muscle through the COVID-19 pandemic and Shelter In Place, would it be possible to take a page out the history books, and emulate the brave and unwavering spirit of these heroes? Does their tenacity within only apply for wartime? Today, can we adopt and practice a persevering mentality to get through the toughest of times? I’d like to follow the lead of my ancestors, and I invite you to do the same.

What might we do to help ourselves during Corona?

  • Greet each day with the mindset to overcome.
  • Lead by example to live purposefully for ourselves and for our countrymen.
  • Live each moment with a mission to conquer Corona by practicing healthy habits today, tomorrow and always.
  • Create a robust environment which supports wellness of family first.
  • Love your people so much that your spirit models a vital mind, body and soul wellness.
  • Take the pandemic day by day, avoid negative talk and thoughts & replace with HOPE & OPTIMISM.

Let us fight Corona like the Greeks and may we be well,


Spring Forward With New Perspective & A Renewed Mind.

With the recent occurrence of Day light savings, additional bright sunshine, spring and warmer weather less than 2 weeks away, and of course the Lenten season now in progress; it’s a mellifluous period for change and personal growth. What better time of year to take personal inventory so that you may throw out the old and usher in the new.

The answers to a peaceful and a beautiful life are within, but it’s necessary to discern the behaviors, patterns and habits that are working for you, and pay attention to what is not working in your favor.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Albert Einstein

Whether it be our relationships, our weight, our health, our temperament, our feelings, our speech or anything that directly affects us, we have to look inwardly at ourselves and what we are doing to support a sustaining change.

Here are some helpful tips to help you grow into the person you want to become:


I liken this tip to losing weight. If you are eating the right foods on a plan, but the portions are too large, the scale will reflect the amount consumed. Once you start tracking or logging food portions, you become aware of the amount you are eating, which has just as much impact on your outcome as the nutritious value of food consumed. The simple practice of mindfulness will begin to give you clarity for the exact thing that you must do to see a new result.


Decide why you want to change, and your reason will fuel your efforts. For example, if you’re a smoker and friends are telling you to quit because tobacco is damaging your health, their opinions may be helpful, but they don’t necessarily change your mind about smoking until you do. Your reason to quit is what will motivate you to quit.


Learn techniques to remove the thing in your way, and replace it with that which will improve your situation. Consider joining a support group, take an on-line class or read books which outline methods of achieving your goal. Renew and change with reinforcement.


It takes 21 days to form a habit, so allow at least this amount of time to establish positive and effective routines to create a renewed you.

Your Ola Kala moment begins when your mind, body and soul sync up for renewal!

Ola kala,


Two Things That Add To: Ola Kala

Happy Day!

Each day I make it a habit to do two things;

  • Be grateful
  • Smile 😊

These two small activities have enormous benefits, which equate to “feel good” endorphins!

We humans have the ability to design our own daily dynamic, but do we capitalize on our inherent opportunity to create a positive situation?

Engaging in beautiful activities such as gratitude and smiling swing the pendulum in the brighter direction.


When we are grateful, the focus is on how much we have in life instead of what we don’t have. Gratitude is a God wink opening our eyes to what is good and beautiful.


Pschology Today reports that gratitude reduces a multitude of toxic emotions, from envy and resentment to frustration and regret. Robert Emmons, a leading gratitude researcher, has conducted multiple studies on the link between gratitude and well-being. His research confirms that gratitude effectively increases happiness and reduces depression.


Peace begins with a smile.

Mother Teresa

I’ve always been a smiler because it looks and feels better than the alternative.

Even though there are drastic differences between human cultures and the way we express ourselves, psychologist Paul Ekman discovered that facial expressions have a degree of universality that transcends time and place. The most profound facial expression of all is The SMILE.

Mom & Daughter Smiles

According to Gretchen Rubin, one Happiness blogger…..

Facial expressions don’t merely reflect emotions; they also influence emotions. In facial feedback, studies show, the mere act of smiling makes people happier — even when they smile mechanically. Random smiling is an example of my resolution to act the way I want to feel: while people suppose that feelings inspire actions, in fact, actions also inspire feelings. So by acting happier, I should feel happier. “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile,” Thich Nhat Hanh wrote, “but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

Today, will you share your best smile with me?

Ola Kala,


Ola Kala Tips

August 27, 2019

Live an OLA KALA day with nuggets of goodness, exploration, interesting cultures, yummy food, awesome friends, a beautiful view, the medicinal therapy of the thalassa and whatever it takes to positively energize your spirit. This is the superset to a subset, which is unique to each individual. Take nature for example; there are numerous aspects of the great outdoors, which vitalize one’s mind, body and soul. While I enjoy the sea very much, you may be energized by the mountains. The message here is for you to engage in the positive aspects of life that speak to your Bio Individual self.

Bio Individuality means that we are all unique, and it is recognizing and honoring our uniqueness that is the key to health and happiness. … As a student of Integrative Nutrition, Im studying over 100 dietary theories to learn that there really isn’t any singular way of eating healthy and happy.

Bio-Individuality coined by Joshua Rosenthal, founder of Integrative Nutrition.

Take the road to wellness finding joie de vivre and Kefi- in everything you do, whether it be small or Giant.

You’ll have boundless energy when you do what you love, love what you do and certainly love what you eat!

An explosion of flavors in this morning dish enlivens my spirit. Dolma, Tzaziki, nuts, cranberries, raisins,
almonds, cucumbers, tomatoes, pickles, olives, yogurt= OLA KALA for Kiki

Explore new fruits such Dragon Fruit or Pitaya- a type of cactus. Fruit, when fresh, is mouthwatering.

When you feed your body and mind the food that tastes good to you, you are OLA KALA.

Furthermore, at Integrative Nutrition, the philosophy about food—is that everything we consider as a source of nutrition is really just a secondary source of nourishment. The foods you eat are secondary to all the other things that feed you—your relationships, career, spirituality, and exercise routine.

Nourish your self with all that is good and good for you according to your Bio-Individuality.

Ola Kala,


When The Clouds Hide The Sun

August 22, 2019

Happy Thursday to YOU!

Inevitably, there will come a day when the darkest clouds will loom over the enormous sky, obstructing our desired view and feeling of the the most vibrant earthly energy we call- SUN.

This overcast scenario, which slightly dulls the senses is absolutely temporary. The sun will return, and along with it will appear the bright rays to re-energize the spirit. Lean on this truth.


To know the concept of “These clouds shall pass,” is a concept to value aspects of life which include faith, patience and endurance. With endurance we keep moving in a direction of wellness and being whole, seeking the way to live joyfully, zestfully and naturally.  

A Kefi L!fe (I love it so much) is one that is full of positive energy, enthusiasm and OLA KALA.

KEFI L!FE TIP: Love and live faithfully, even through the storms, patiently waiting for the light. This lifestyle feeds your soul through all good, exciting, challenging and difficult times, nurturing you and yours.

It may seem trite, but Annie said it best when she sang .

“The sun will come out you gotta hang on till tomorrow!”

Martin Charnin



Digestive Kefi Tips

If you want to have fun and enjoy life, it will help you to honor yourself and choose a lifestyle which supports you feeling great! As a nearly graduated student of IIN I have learned that most of our decisions made in primary food – or everything off the plate and in your life, directly affect your energy and vitality.

Today’s Kefi positive energy tips offer insight to secondary food or- everything on your plate, and deals with digestive health.


1- Chew your food – do not inhale it

2-Be mindful of what you give your body for proper function

3-Eat slowly

4-Limit processed foods- your liver has no idea what to do with them except store as fat

5- Stay hydrated, drinking too little water


Dr Libby Weaver.

Be realistic with your modifications to improve by remembering that real change is one step at a time, one meal at a time and one day at a time. Eventually with approach things will shift from mediocre to great!”