Creating a Life of
Ola Kala!

For Greeks, the statement “ola kala” is not just about a moment of happiness or feeling good.  Instead it encompasses the idea of flourishing and feeling alive in body, mind and soul beyond a moment.


Some days, joy and happiness embrace you like  the warm sun glistening on the turquoise waters; on those days it’s easy to be Ola Kala. Other days, the clouds block the sun and the waters are rough and Ola Kala is more a platitude than a truism.

Ola Kala is still attainable because it is not dependent on the external rather it lives and breathes as part of your mind, body and soul. It’s not always easy, it requires some effort but I know from my own experiences-which I will share with you-that the effort is worthwhile.


​Kefi Life is a lifestyle rooted in the Greek ethos that the relationship between the mind, body and soul must be in sync in order to have a life where all is well.

  • Take care of the body through nutrition and movement.
  • Cultivate the mind through thought and discussion.
  • Nourish the soul through prayer, passion and “philotimo” –one of my favorite Greek words, and one that is a uniquely Greek; it describes a way of life; the spirit of duty and doing what’s right and honorable even when difficult.

The temple of Apollo at Delphi bore the inscription Meden Agan~Nothing in excess’ …moderation in all things. For Greeks, observing moderation in all things-diet, exercise, study, passion-leads to a balanced and harmonious life.

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